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Luz House First Floor

The First Floor is the most private part of Luz House and is perhaps also the most elegant. It is also totally about 3000 square feet but has more indoor space. It still has remnants of the colonial era with large columns, interconnected halls and a beautiful balcony surrounded by the most resplendent green.

The first floor is suitable for any kind of event of upto 60 guests. It has thus far been most used for cocktail partys, or to serve tabled meals when taken as whole along with the ground floor. 

As always, you may take either the ground floor or the first floor with a capacity limit of up to 60 guests or both with a capacity limit of upto 150 guests. And, of course, the space is yours to decide where to host what.

Luz House Skyline View
East Wing.jpg
Luz House Corridor
West Wing.jpg
Luz House First Floor Corridor.jpg
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