Luz House Ground Floor

The Ground Floor at Luz House is approximately 3,000 square feet in size which includes indoor and outdoor space. The size and space is perfect for upto 60 guests. 

The ground floor is perfect for children's birthday party's and get-togethers. The lawn serves as the best spot to place a buffet counter with upto 5 round tables placed strategically about for guests to sit and eat. The air-conditioned hall, which can host upto 40 people at a time, serves as the best place to serve sit-down, banana-leaf meals.

The raised platform in front of the house serves as the ideal space for performances where approximately 120 people can be seated on the lawn comfortably.

The space here has been used for sangeets, mehendi's,  memorial services, birthdays and even weddings, leaving you to chose what you want and where you want it.

Tel +91-7200051361/ +91-9600159795

176 Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai

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